Monday, December 22, 2008

Stash wars!

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Last weekend I finally decided to catalogue my stash since it was getting to a point where I had no freaking clue what I had anymore.

My husband walked into the living room and burst out laughing. I looked up at him to enquire as to what was so goshdarn funny. He picked up the camera and took a picture for me to see what he saw. LOL Ok, so I'm surrounded by yarn, bins, patterns, needles, cables, books, bags, etc... etc... etc... You have to make a mess to clean a mess... right? Oddly enough, no Gambit to be seen. I think I scared him. LOL

No wonder he was laughing. It looked like a bomb had gone off in the living room and I was at it's epicenter. Over 2 afternoons I cataloged every last ball of yarn I own. I used a photo book to hold business sized cards with yarn info, # of balls, and a sample of the yarn attached to each. Eventually I'll get a business card book which will be a lot smaller and easier to take along on yarn forays. I also made a hand written list to be kept on the side for quick reference.

So now my yarn is contained in 2 rubbermaid bins and one wicker clothes basket. The short bits and pieces that tend to accumulate when you knit are now in a large bag stored in the basket easily reached when I'm doing small projects or need a piece of yarn for eyes, etc.

It certainly makes it a lot easier to find what I need and now I at least know what I have and where it's stored. It's not a huge stash, but it's mine!

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