Sunday, December 28, 2008

Knitting with a Migraine

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It had been so long since I'd had a migraine I had forgotten how badly they can hurt. This one was triggered by intense pain when one of my molars broke and a piece went straight for the nerve. The first minutes were so intense I couldn't even speak or breathe. When I could finally breathe, the migraine hit me so hard it left me gasping. This was on Christmas day, it's now Saturday, 2 am and I still have it. Not quite as intense as yesterday, but still leaving me with a brain fog from the meds I take to help ease the pain a bit.

When I wasn't zonked out from the meds, I sat and knit and watched movies trying to keep myself distracted from the pain. I managed to finish the dishcloth with the new cotton blend. Haven't tried using it yet but likely will tomorrow. I knit a pair of slippers for Georgie to match her shawl and added some really cute flowers to finish them off. I modeled them on my own feet but wow, talk about swollen ankles :( The joys of diabetes.

Add to that my darling husband with a nasty chest cold and sinusitis and you get zero partying. Christmas was super quiet for us with the kids working or unable to travel due to weather. We'll be getting together in January I'm sure.

I still have 2 more pairs of slippers to knit up and then I'll be done. I must admit this pattern is dead easy. I can knit a pair in an evening without really thinking about it at all.

Shame the weather is so mild, I would have enjoyed a nice walk around the block or 2 or 3, but migraines don't like sunlight so that was definitely out. Quite the change from the -24C we had last week! Hopefully when I wake up in the morning, my head won't be throbbing on one side anymore. Any which way I look at it though, I will have to go to the corner store for milk. Just about out and I need it for my morning cereal and coffee.

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