Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flower Scarf CAL

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The scarf is done!

I'm actually quite pleased with the outcome for this pattern. I found it on Crochet Soirée as a CAL challenge. I figured why not! and signed up. The CAL started on April 5th and I finished the scarf today! I used Bernat's wool blends (discontinued unfortunately) in a blend of blues, makes me think of winter ice with the color shifts. The scarf pools beautifully and feels comfy and scrunchily yummy. I know, I'm gushing, but this is the first item I've crocheted that I actually like the feel of the finished item. The pattern called for a 4 mm hook. With the yarn I used, I had to go up to a 5.5 mm hook since the smaller hook sizes made the fabric way too solid. Not what I was wanting out of a scarf.

Finished dimensions for this baby are 17 cm wide by 320 cms long without the attached floral fringe. What can I say, I love a long wide scarf! I think my niece will love it as well. Now all that's left is to find a hat pattern and crochet a matching hat and she'll be all set come next winter.

I wanted to take a photo of the finished scarf all nicely laid out, but by the time I had the camera set up, Gambit had usurped the scarf and was all tucked up under the flowers. I didn't have the heart to wake him so I took a picture of my sleeping baby. Isn't he the cutest?!

It's still not too late to sign up for the CAL. It ends April 30th. All the finished entries will be included in a draw for some very nice prizes. Go check it out!

If you've never been to Crochet Soirée, it's a nice place to hang out, nice patterns and great friendly folks ready to help with any questions. It's free to sign up and you get a newsletter reminding you of the free pattern Fridays!


Molly said...

Hi, your scarf looks very nice and according to Gambit, it has passed the test. I also am on Soiree and am doing the scarf CAL, but I've only gotten 27" of mine made but I am happy with what I've done. I am going to sign up as a follower and you must come visit me sometime. Take care. One of the chain gang, Molly

MarieAnge said...

Thanks Molly!
I hope you finish yours in time.
I'd love to see it.