Friday, April 2, 2010

It's midnight on Good Friday, what are you listening to when you don't have cable?

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I did a bit of temping last week and at the beginning of this week, that is right up until the Norwalk virus brought me to my knees, crying and begging for the pain to end. On Monday, my boss came in with the sniffles. I did my best to avoid any contact, but it's difficult. On Tuesday, she came in saying her sniffles were getting better. Awesome! I thought to myself. I haven't been sick all winter, will my luck hold. 

Words I wanted to take back soon after lunch when my stomach rebelled and waves of nausea had me feeling like I was on a ship wildly rocking and the waves of warm and cold didn't help matters in the least. I went to the washroom hoping against hope that it was just my IBS giving me grief but again, lady luck was against me. 0 for 2 so far. I went back to the reception desk and tried to stay calm, but I was having cold sweats. I started thinking maybe it was food poisoning since I'd purchased a whole wheat pasta salad at a local deli for lunch along with a sandwich of smoked turkey breast with no extras to keep the calories down. (joys of diabetes) After a few more minute of pure misery, I decided I should go home. Told my boss I wasn't feeling well, she looked at me and commented I did look green around the edges and to go on home. I got my stuff together, took the elevator down and when it stopped, I stepped out only to quickly sit on the ledge next to the elevator. My head and my stomach were competing for attention, not good! Once the waves of nausea slowed down, I made my way out the front door, I took 3 steps and that was it. My stomach wasn't having any more of this nonsense of trying to go home. It lurched, I lurched and there went my lunch. I think that was the most embarrassing moment of my life! People who were walking down the sidewalk were taking wide detours onto the street to avoid me :( No one bothered to ask if I was ok, even from a distance!

After a visit to the local clinic, I went home with a strict regimen of clear liquids and rest, no taking diabetic meds since the doses would make me crash. The diagnoses was a Norwalk virus, pretty nasty little bug too. Dr told me to stay home to avoid contaminating others until Friday. Great!

The rest of that day was muffled in a haze of pain. It seems that neuropathy doesn't like it when there's something else hurting and makes things hurt to the enth just so I don't forget it's there. My legs were especially bad, but my arms and back weren't much better. My loving husband lathered the outside of my legs with BenGay and that worked just long enough for me to fall asleep.

Well, it's Friday now, I felt somewhat better yesterday, but now I'm feeling yucky again. I think I caught my boss's cold! Go figure, I avoided getting sick all winter and now that the weather is finally getting nice, I come down with a freaking cold. I just hope it doesn't do it's usual mutation with the COPD jumping in just for the heck of it.

Oh, and what am I listening to?
Too many DJs - belgian brothers Stephen et David Dewaele (pictured in the video) who take songs and mash them together with other songs that come out sounding pretty awesome. Have a listen to one of their tracks. This one is Benni Bennassi Vs. 50 Cent Satisfaction - In Da Club Mix

For those who know me in person, yes, I listen to this and much more. I'm never going past 21! LOL

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Anonymous said...

I do hope you're feeling better soon! You've had a yucky week. Get well quickly! Hugs,