Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'll clean when Sears comes out with a riding vacuum!!!

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Yes, I poached this from someone's signature, but it's soooo true!

I've been sans vacuum for a couple of years now. With no steady income, investing a bucket load of money on a vacuum cleaner for our wee apartment just didn't make sense. So I'd use a hand broom or a regular straw broom to get the worst picked up. Being that we have utility carpeting it wasn't that difficult, but still a vacuum does do a better job without the ensuing dust storm. 

Thanks to my soulsister, I now have a working vacuum cleaner! And I love it! No more dust bunnies hiding under the couch, laying in wait for poor Gambit. It's amazing how much you appreciate something when you've had to make do for a long time, and I know it sounds ever so domestic of me, which is the furthest thing as a rule but it does feel nice to be able to vacuum. This also encourages me to get my stash organized as it's been growing into a monster against the wall of the wee living room, threatening to take over LOL Just ask my husband, he'd agree completely. I'm sure he'll be happy once I have conquered the stash and put the living room back into a semblance of a room we spend time in and not just used as storage for my stash. I know I will be.

One thing that bugs me though... Why is it guys get riding lawnmowers, or gardening tractors that does all the labour for them when we as women are expected to lug, push, pull and basically manhandle our cleaning equipment to get the job done!?


Pink Feather Paradise said...

If I had a lounge big enough to ride a hoover around I would be a happy girl indeed! lol

I haven't had a hot water boiler now for nearly a year.... I boil the kettle to do the washing up and the shower luckily heats the water for Danny's baths and Jamie, les and I shower.... when I go to friends houses I marvel at hte warm water coming out of the taps! how sad is that ! lol

I hope to have a new boiler by mid May... yay!

Phase one of the kitchen rebuild is almost complete! now onto phase two... oh and for the last 2 weeks I have not had a cooker or a hob! yay for microwaves! ;D


Hubby said...

Roomba ftw obv.

MarieAnge said...

LOL ok hon, so where's my roomba??!!