Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Froggies and Lilypads and Babies Oh My!

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I had previously spoken about this blanket in this post and this post. It's been a few weeks and for anyone wondering where I'm at with these blankets, here's an update.

I'm looking at the end run for the first blanket. I have 6 small sections left to top stitch. Glad that is all that's left since I'm quickly running out of the blue I used for the top stitching. I was hoping to have enough left over to crab stitch around the edge once but nope, no such luck. So I will be looking for another complementary color to do that with since I feel the crab stitch will give the blanket's edge the firmness it requires to lay flat.

I originally joined all the hexagons at only 3 spots, knowing that I would be doing some type of joining to reinforce once the blanket was completed. I'm not fond of blankets with ridges on top or underneath so I went with the top stitching. When I work on blanket #2, I will be doing the topstitching when I have a row of hexagons done. It will be easier that way and I won't end up manhandling a blanket with one hand while pulling up the loops from the underside. Interestingly enough, the style I chose looks a lot like the faggot stitch used in embroidery since I'm pulling loops up through alternating chains or each hexagon. 

I love how the motifs remind me of lily pads surrounded by water. All that's missing is a few froggies scattered amongst the flowers and that may just happen :)

None of the hexagons have been blocked since I feel that blocking on a blanket makes it appear stiff and that's the last impression I want this blanket to cast. I want Mom to take the blankets and use them instead of squirreling them away in a closet to be forgotten and never used. I didn't do all this work for the twins only to find out 20 years from now that they sat in a closet being saved because they were 'too' special.


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Loving the lily pad blanket... I am trying to do a hexagon blanket... its all getting a bit confussing though as I am doing a crochet along on Ravelry and we have 3 hex designs so far getting one a month till december... so I am not sure whether to start the blanket and add a ring of each flower as they are released or whether to make so many of each flower and make it all up in a random pattern in december... oh the dilema! lol

I also have to do a baby blanket for Mr P's niece, her baby is due in July... and I also don't block snuggly blankets...

take care

Anonymous said...

The blanket is gorgeous. :) I, too, hope that they are used to snuggle those little boys! Love in every stitch makes a wonderful blanket. :) samm