Friday, April 30, 2010

For your viewing pleasure, the Frog Pond blanket!

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finally got a nice day to take pictures of the finished Frog Pond blanket made using the African flower motifs that I found while cruising Flckr. The blankets look gorgeous and I'm quite proud of how well they've turned out. I blame the motif for most of that LOL They are quite addictive to make and I already have several other projects in mind using this motif.

I couldn't find a pattern for making up the half hexes using the african flower motif so I designed my own. I wanted a nice straight edge at each end and the half hex filled the gap and finished off the edges very nicely. I love the scalloped edge the hexes give along the sides of the blankets. Now to ship them off to my twin nephews!


Anonymous said...

They turned out beautifully!!! You did a wonderful job on them. The little guys will be cosy in their strollers and cribs, and car seats! Beautiful work, Angel!! samm

MarieAnge said...

Thank you for your wonderful support while I made these blankets Samm :)
I'm really happy they are done!

Kitya said...

Beautiful :D

Aussie Maria said...

The blanket is so beautiful!!