Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ugh... I hate habbing a cohld

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Yes folks, you've read it right or at least that's what it sounds like when I say it LOL

Wham, Bam not even a thank you Ma'am! I come down with whatever sniffles my boss had on Monday,  but because I'm already weakened from the Norwalk virus, I'm getting the supersized version!  I started off with my head feeling stuffy and rapidly progressed to the "stick a tissue in each nostril" level of game play since if I moved my head in any direction, my nose would spring a leak! Today the nose isn't leaking anymore, it's clogged solid, my throat is achy and scratchy and my voice has dropped an octave... sexy you say.. sure if you don't mind the hacking cough that comes out between every 3rd or  4th word! LOL

Hubby is avoiding me like the plague.. well at least most of the time. He comes near me just long enough to make sure I'm still breathing. So I live in one room and he lives in the other when we're awake. I don't mind that much since I'm feeling too darn miserable to care at this point. 

I don't know if any of you have ever seen the Monty Python skit from Life of Brian when they come walking through the town during the plague yelling 'Bring out your dead" and someone carries out their dad who's not dead and proceeds to convince them that he's about to kick the bucket so might as well take him anyway. Well, at this stage, I'd have to say I'm a prime candidate if they ever need a stand in for the "I'm not dead!" guy!

I have not been outside to enjoy any of the gorgeous weather I keep seeing when I check the weather network or manage a peek out from our basement windows. I get to see treetops, a bit of sky and some bushes that grow in front of the window. Nothing green on those yet but I did notice a couple of crocus were poking their heads out of the ground on Friday. Whee!

I've been working on the first of 2 baby blankets for the twins. It's coming along quite nicely. I'll have to take a photo to show it off soon! I spoke with my Mom today, wished her a Happy Easter and got caught up on the family news back east. The twins are doing super well, already up to 7 lbs each and they were born a month ago at just under 5 lbs! They've had to id each one of the boys with a bracelet since they are identical to the point where even Mom and Dad are wondering which is which before they check their bracelets. Still no baby pictures to post. I hope to get some soon.

Ok, going to crawl back into my wee ball of misery.

Happy Easter everyone!

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