Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reading and a story

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When my two were little, I read to them every night. My daughter's favorite childhood memory is of the family on a camping trip, roughing it with tent and campfire and of me reading by the light of the campfire from the Redwall series by Brian Jacques I'd purchased at a yard sale. My darling daughter never lost her love of books and reads voraciously. With my son, being disabled, his reading level is of a first grader although he still loves looking at books especially National Geographic.
As my daughter got older, she took over the responsibility of reading to her baby brother. Many an evening I sat on the edge of the bed listening to her reading to her brother. What made it that much more special is that she was reading from a book I owned since I was 5, the book given to me by my grandmother to read through the summer as she had already noticed my love of books.  I still have this book and cherish it.
I happened upon this article published in the NY Times about a father reading to his daughters and the impact it had on his youngest daughter. It reminded me of how reading to my children left it's mark on them. They are both free thinkers, and extremely imaginative and I attribute that to developing an early love of books and reading.

And as my daughter pointed out in the comments... I used the wrong cover picture! See! she remembers! LOL The cover to the right is the correct one.


Kitya said...

THIS is the right cover. Silly mom.

Love you


MarieAnge said...


Thank you for the right cover!

HUGS & Love to my baby girl :)

Anonymous said...

Good thing Karen's on the ball! Hi Karen! samm

Kitya said...

Hello Samm! :D

Thanks again for the neat plushie and adorable cow toy :D

Yes, we have the cover with the evil Cluny, the one eyed rat... nasty fellow