Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tears of joy & screams of laughter. That can only mean...

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Yes, I have finished the Filigree Scarf and gave it to my neighbor. She unwrapped the package and opened it to find a soft yellow shawl inside. Her hands ran over it, with a whispered "Oh My" escaping her lips. She looked up at me with huge tears running down her cheeks only to announce that yellow is her favorite color. She immediately had to try it on and parade around the apartment preening in front of the mirror. It was so sweet to watch how happy this small gift made her. After reminiscing for a while she asked me if I could make another one just like it but in pink. I knew who it was meant for, her only remaining sister who is even older than her. How can I say no to a request like that. So of course, I will be making a pink one for the lovely lady for Christmas from her baby sister George :)

I also had fun last night. My husband loves all things geeky so of course the Futurama characters belong in all things geeky. I happened upon this pattern from Mychawd's site of a Brain Slug from the show. I had the scarf all done and didn't want to start something big. So while watching some shows with darling husband, I made him the brain slug. Once the last bit of yarn was snipped I immediately stuck it on his head and snapped a picture. So yes, the brain slug has done it's work! It now proudly resides on top of the monitor.

One problem with the brain slug. As you can see from the picture, the iris is not black. I for some reason read ebony as meaning beige, go figure... Even I can't figure out how I got from black to beige. So our brain slug has a ummm tit for an iris? LOL At least he's original!!!

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Mychawd said...

THe slug looks even more deadly with the beige eye. Something like hypno-toad! Nicely done!