Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas Scarves & Hats

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Christmas is coming, only ahhh umm... 42, Days. 13, Hours. 29, Minutes ...But who's counting.... What???!!! Oh geez, I'd better get busy.

So far I have a hat and scarf done for my 4 yr old nephew.

I still need:
  • a tam and scarf for my 7 year old niece - pink please
  • a scarf and hat for my 5 year old niece - no clue on color
  • a scarf and beanie for my 10 year old nephew - black and....
  • wristwarmers for my 15 year old niece - steel gray and blue
  • beanie and scarf for my 15 year old nephew - black?
  • wristwarmers for my sister -
  • wristwarmers for 2 sisters in law -
  • wristwarmer and neckscarf for Mom - beige
  • scarf and beanie for both my brothers - black
  • hairbands for assorted nieces - pink, blue, red, green, etc
  • something cute for my husband's half sister who is 5 and thinks her big brother is awesome :)
  • something cute for my daughter - still working on that one
  • something cool for my son - skull beanie
  • something equally cool for my darling husband

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