Saturday, November 15, 2008

You,know your job is mind numbing when...

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Yes, you read it right.

You know your temp job is mind numbing when...
  1. you catch yourself working out a pattern in your head while doing data entry or sorting and filing parking tickets for the city.
  2. you actually wish you were home working on your knitting Christmas list.
  3. hold entire conversations in your head just to keep yourself from falling asleep.
  4. you plan out ways to shut off your coworker's singing without being rude because she sings to every song on the radio.. off KEY!
  5. you zone out and sadly realise you've been entering the wrong data!
  6. you watch the clock hands crawl towards lunch and then go in reverse for the end of the day... or so it feels
  7. you check your email at lunch and actually look at the spam email for entertainment!
  8. you are grateful when someone else walks into the room.
  9. you take a butt break even though you don't smoke
  10. you keep telling yourself that it's only a temp job and you need the money
  11. You look like you have the hang over to end all hang overs at the END of the day!
That is one thing I have come to realise. I do not want to do data entry full time! I'm a gemini, the repetition is killing me!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

"hold entire conversations in your head"

Don't worry, that's just the old age dementia setting in imo :D


Unknown said...

Gee, Mr. MarieAngel is brave! I'd run too LOL. I do that on the best of days...lets me know I'm not that boring and have the mentality to talk to adults rather then children all day long..specially my 3yr old LOL. I love reading your blog, it always makes me smile!

MarieAnge said...

Dementia huh, I'll give you dementia!

Remember last time you cruised for a bruising? :P