Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Time Flies!

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Good grief, where did the week go!!!

Between work and not having internet access whenever I want it is hard on the blog. I have to apologise for that. Soon we will get a new router and I will be back online as often as I want.

In the meantime, absence from the blog doesn't mean I've been sitting idle. I can't seem to just sit and watch TV anymore. Even if the show is really good, my fingers itch to be doing something... like knitting!

So I have been busy frogging a bunch of old projects that have been sitting in a box with me always thinking I'd get back to them. At the beginning of this week, I happened to need a certain type of yarn and knew I had some that I'd started using up in a pillow cover. This was meant to be a cat pillow cover adapted from a dishcloth pattern I'd seen. But that was a long time ago, when my knitting hadn't been very good yet and it showed. So I frogged the whole thing, and am now reusing the yarn to make a kitty cat hairband for my lovely daughter who requested one. It still needs ears, but it's soft and feels like you're petting a cat.

Still on my quest for the cool looking office wrist warmers I came upon this pattern from Deborah Pulliam, Knit cuffs with a Cable Twist. I thought I'd give them a go but once I'd spent 2hours and only had 3 repeats on a size 3 circular using fingering yarn I had to concede defeat. The pattern is not difficult. What was difficult for me was the size of the yarn, I couldn't feel it and the size of the needles I couldn't control them well enough. So yes, this one will head for the big ole frog pond in the sky, weighted down with a rock so it never resurfaces!

I still liked the pattern and wanted to retain some of it. I figured out how to do something similar using a larger gauge circular needle and thicker yarn. This is the first one partially finished. I still want to do something to finish the edges better. It looks a bit naked right now but I do love how the cables turned out though. I may end up knitting a completely new one since I want to make some changes to the number of CO stitches. I don't know if the yarn color shows up well enough, it's not exactly brown. It has reds and blues coursing throughout the yarn which gives it a bronze look instead of just plain old brown. The tag says Rustic Heather and is from Bernat Ombre yarns. I walked into the store and my eyes were immediately drawn to it. I figured if it looks good under the fluorescent lighting, it should look yummy in sunlight.

It's definitely a work in progress and I may change a few things on it yet that I'm not quite happy with. Blame the perfectionist lurking in my head! It won't let me do things halfway or just ok. Has to be just so or it won't leave me alone.

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