Saturday, November 8, 2008


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As you all know, I started a temp job this week. I only worked Thursday and Friday but by Friday lunch I had made the decision I desperately needed wristwarmers in the office. My hands were so cold it was difficult to type. Considering I'm doing data entry for 7 hours, I can't afford to have fingers so stiff I start making typos.

So today, I looked through my stash and found some Merit Ombre Misty Blue yarn that I had left over from making my daughter's wristwarmers a couple of years ago. I didn't want to use a super plain pattern but I also didn't want to go super fancy with frills. I needed something that would keep my wrists warm and not get in the way of typing, turning pages and using the mouse. I also wanted a yarn that I could just toss in the washing machine and not have to worry about. And for a pattern, I finally settled on this cute pattern with a bit of cabling so it's not plain looking.

The pattern called for DPNs but I decided to give it a go using magic loop. I used size 6 circular needle and the knitting went rather well if I do say so myself. I had both wristwarmers completed within a few hours.

I suffer from neuropathy in both feet and hands. While I was knitting the first wristwarmer, my left hand kept going numb and it made it hard to knit but I kept on going by taking small breaks to let my hand relax. When I was finally done knitting the first wristwarmer I slipped it on my left wrist and started knitting the 2nd wristwarmer. I realised that my left hand wasn't going numb while I knit the 2nd one which is quite amazing. I'm guessing that by keeping the blood warmer around my wrist that it also keeps the circulation going a lot better which means my fingers don't go numb!

These wristwarmers are very comfortable. That was another point I was a bit worried about. But as Otter's pattern explains, cables are forgiving! and so is ribbing. Means my wrists aren't squeezed to death but are gently kept warm. Thank you Diana for the really cool pattern.

I'll be knitting several more pairs to match my clothes and for variety.

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Unknown said...

I like the color of your wristwarmers. I haven't made any for myself yet but will soon. I've been looking at the fetching pattern for mine.
I hope they work out well for work

Rikki : )