Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fall has fallen

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As I stepped outside yesterday morning there was more than just a nip in the air. It was downright cold! I guess it's to be expected considering it's past mid-November already.

On my walk to work I pass several trees which are all but barren of their leaves by now. But, there is one stubborn willow tree which still has all it's leaves, albeit yellowed, but still hanging on for dear life.

I can smell woodsmoke, someone has their fireplace or wood stove going, more than likely a fireplace since this is a city. I have a feeling wood stoves are getting rare these days, except maybe in the countryside. A few birds flit by, European grackles aka Starlings looking for a quick breakfast. Not much to be had out there right now, everything is looking seriously frozen. The ground is still soft though. A few chickadees and wrens huddle under some shrubs looking decidedly cold. And there's the ever present couple of raucous blue jays squabbling at each other over a few fallen seeds from a bird feeder. You definitely know when you have a couple of blue jays taking up residence in your neighborhood. They are the loudest neighbors you'll ever have.

The sky was gray, the wind blew in from the north east. Definitely smell winter in the air. If it wasn't for Christmas, I'd hibernate. But with the season coming up fast, 37 Days and counting!

There are some things I look forward to around Christmas. It's not so much the food but more the time spent with family. One of our favorite things to do on Christmas eve is putting together a meal buffet style. All small amounts, eaten with our fingers or chopsticks put out on platters and bowls. While we share our food we usually watch A Christmas Story. This is a movie not to be missed. You will laugh so much you'll squirt pop out your nose. It's a classic as anyone will tell you if you haven't seen it... yet. So get out there, rent a copy or wait until Christmas Eve. The movie runs for 24 hours on a continuous loop on one of the American TV stations.

I also look forward to having my kids over for a few days. This year though, it looks like that will have to be in January since my daughter works during the season. Understandable in the restaurant industry. The cooks have to work!

I've finished the cat ears my daughter had requested. They are definitely interesting LOL I'll have to add pictures when the batteries have recharged.

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