Friday, November 14, 2008


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I must admit the design aspects are coming along quite nicely. Reconfigured the number of stitches to cast on and the cables are nice and snug fitting between rows of knit/purl stitches. Just have to figure out how to finish the ends. Somehow the raw edges of the cast on and bind off don't quite cut it for feminine wristwarmers. As is though, they would work very well for men. Will have to experiment with different edgings to find the one that suits the cables best.

Once I have it figured out, the pattern will take care of several presents all at once. Just have to use different colors for each family member.

The weather yesterday was really mild in the afternoon. The light breeze wasn't freezing your face and hands off like the previous day. Squirrels were doing the mad dashes across the wires, cheeks stuffed with nuts getting ready for winter. The trees downtown were covered with small song birds and each one was trying to outdo the other which meant an incredible cacophony of thousands of voices. Then a car backfired and the sky filled with silent birds all trying to find a new branch to perch on. Felt like a remake of the movie The Birds. As soon as they settled down again, they were back at it, full throated songs blasting across the park drowning out the sounds of traffic going by. I love this season, the crunch of leaves underfoot, the song birds packing it up for the long trek south leaving us with their last songs for the year before taking wing. I love the smell of burning wood as people get their fireplaces up and running. Not looking forward to winter mind you. If I could hibernate, I would!

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