Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Follies

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I can't really say what I'm knitting right now since it's a Christmas present for my daughter and since she reads my blog.... :)

It's been very cold here, -13C brings back memories of home where you had to wrap the kids up in their snowsuits in October to go trick or treating. And by mid November, you better not forget your mitts, tuque or scarf or you were in trouble with bright red fingers, noses and cheeks. I know I said in a previous post I don't like winter, what I really don't like is a ton of snow especially with the lousy snow removal this city has. I hate walking down the street because the sidewalks are piled high from the snow plow going by. Drivers aren't really being cautious either which means it's a crap shoot every time I step out the door to walk to work.

The city in their infinite wisdom decided to equip their skid steer type snow removal machines with rotating brooms. Sounds cool for cleaning off sidewalks, but all these lovely rotating brooms manage to do is polish the sidewalks so they are sheer ice and with no sand/salt mix to give you a foothold, the street is safer to be honest.

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Anonymous said...

hehe fun stuff :P

oooo I can't wait :D :D

Pictures of cat ears?? ;)